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The Y.R.D. (Young, Recivers & DBs) is a 1v1 showcase tournament style event that puts the best vs the best to earn the Crown of "King of the Y.R.D."
Our first Winner Devin Tellez- Senior from Patrick Henry High
Our 3 day Holiday Camp combined social and emotional learning with football skills and drills. Each player engaged in motivation workshops daily that helped them to learn the importance their of mental health
Day 1: Dare to Lead- Each player learned the importance of not only leading others but learning to lead themselves
Day 2: Dare to Love - Each player learned to love themselves and how to be a great teammate. 
Day 3: Dare to Believe - Each player was challenged to believe in themselves and their goals for the future

Motivation combine 2020

MORE INFO: Good Counsel, LLC is a local agency that focuses on “Making Healing Possible” through mental health connection, education, and innovation. In our strive to be innovative we have created our extension company called “Motivate the Game” where we engage 13 and up aged youth in individual/group football training sessions that focuses on improving leadership, character development, communication skills, emotional regulation, and coping skills by using therapeutic interventions and creating their unique motivation profile. Each athlete is connected with a Mental Health Coach that has been trained in various mental health and training techniques that helps to improve athletes' game on and off the field. 

With Covid shutting down sports for the fall we saw the increase in mental health needs amongst athletes as it was many of our athletes primary outlet. so we are putting together a Motivation Football Combine for 20 local athletes. This event will include all safety precautions, ex-NFL speakers, access to sports psychologist, motivation profile for each athlete as well as recorded 40 yard dash times, shuttle drills, one on one skills competition and a 7 on 7 final

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